2012 Winner

scotia photography award

Arnaud Maggs

2011 Winner

Arnaud Maggs began his career as an artist in the mid seventies at the age of 50, after success as a graphic designer and then a commercial and fashion photographer. His early work used portraiture to catalogue the geometry of the face. Works in this series include Joseph Beuys, 100 Profile Views and Joseph Beuys, 100 Frontal Views, shot in 1980 at the artist’s studio in Düsseldorf, each work comprises one hundred different, but surprisingly similar, photographs of the artist. Other works in this series include the students at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Yosuf Karsh, Northrup Frye, Andre Kertesz, and numerous members of the Toronto arts community.

See more about Arnaud’s Scotiabank Photography Award exhibition found here.

Works by Arnaud Maggs

Scotiabank Photography Award: Arnaud Maggs (installation view), 2014 © Eugen Sakhnenko, The Image Centre

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