2016 Winner

scotia photography award

Suzy Lake

2016 Winner

Suzy Lake began her art practice in 1968, after moving to Montreal from her birthplace, Detroit, following the social and political unrest of the 1960s. Lake was among the first female artists in Canada to adopt performance, video, and photography to explore the politics of gender, the body, and identity. In 1972 she formed Véhicule Art Inc. with twelve other artists to establish one of the first artist-run centres in Canada. She moved to Toronto in 1978 where she became a co-founder of the Toronto Photographers Workshop. Lake taught for 40 years in Montreal, Toronto, and most recently as head of the University of Guelph photo department. Lake currently lives and makes work in Toronto.

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Scotiabank Photography Award: Suzy Lake (installation view), 2017 © Larissa Issler, The Image Centre

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